Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy Technician

Do you know what phlebotomy is? It’s the art of drawing blood. The purpose of phlebotomy is to use the blood for laboratory testing, diagnosing, therapy, research purposes, and donation. Starting the phlebotomy tech course at US Colleges is a perfect choice for you if you want to get into the health field.

Besides drawing blood you will be responsible for charting patients info, tracking results, properly disposing of blood specimens, lab assistance, and patient education. You will be the key person in the laboratory department.

Your education is essential to your career. You must learn how to provide excellent patient care and satisfactory customer service. You will have direct contact with patients on a daily basis. You being able to properly perform your job duties is key to your success as a Phlebotomy technician.

Being certified will set you apart from others in the field of phlebotomy that aren’t certified. When you successfully complete your training at US Colleges, you will be well equip to take your national certification exam.

You can start your rewarding new career in just 16 weeks. Isn’t knowing you are directly affecting patients in there process of recovery a very exciting thought? Your responsibilities are needed in the medical field daily. There are very few hospitals and facilities that do not have the need for a phlebotomy technician. Most of them need them 24 hours in their facilities. You will always have job stability with these facilities.

Start your career today.

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