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At U.S. colleges we have worked to help our students become knowledgeable, experienced, and highly effective graduates in the healthcare industry. You can be certain that when you employ a U.S. Colleges graduate they will have the information and hands-on training to quickly become one of the next rising star employees on your team.

As a valued partner, you’ll have access to skilled graduates who are qualified to fill entry-level positions in a variety of healthcare fields. We’ve worked diligently with our graduates to ensure they have the on the job skills that specific employees are looking for. Qualified, hard-working, dedicated, and enthusiastic individuals who are excited to launch their career is what you can expect when partnering with U.S. Colleges.


  • Hands on Experienced Graduates
  • Extern to Hire Opportunities£
  • Interviews On-Demand
  • Career Fairs & Other Special Events Opportunities

Why Employers Partner With U.S. Colleges

Employment Focused Training:

Our programs focus on employment where students learn critical skills through experienced and dedicated instructors. U.S. Colleges graduates practice on hands-on in our real-world labs.

Extern–to–Hire Program

Spend time with our senior students while they extern at your business, learning what’s expected in the new career. This unique opportunity allows you to lead your potential future employee to understand the goals, values, and objectives of your business.

On-Demand Interviews

We make the interviewing process easy for you! We will coordinate and facilitate any potential candidate interview appointments, wherever it is most convenient for you. Whether it is at your site location or at our campus, we can accommodate and we will handle the details.

Ongoing Partnership & Assistance:

We provide your new hire with any additional training, refresher courses, and coaching sessions needed to best prepare our grad student for their new career. With constant support every step of the way, we ensure that your new U.S. Colleges employee will be highly successful in their new workplace.

Special Events

U.S. Colleges has numerous career fairs and other campus events throughout the year. As a valued partner, you will have access to special events focused on employment resources.

Partnership Opportunities

Our ideal employer partnerships are professional, committed, and driven businesses. Each of our campuses has a committed career services team dedicated to connecting our students with the best employer. It’s absolutely essential to find the right employee with the proper skills for your business. For additional information on our employer resources, please use the form below to get in touch with us today.


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