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Our Students are Trained
in the Following Programs


Clinical Medical Assistant

Over the next 16 weeks, you’ll learn the medical terminology, human anatomy, diagnostic imaging, how to properly take vital signs, and more, with an emphasis on back-office clinical responsibility. You’ll also receive 80 hours of hands-on career training at your externship, providing you the critical on-the-job skills employers are seeking.


Emergency Medical Technician

In this program, you’ll learn how to provide emergency care, basic life support skills, patient assessment, trauma care, and more. You’ll receive 24 clinical hours of on-the-job emergency room and/or ambulance observation, and will receive a Certificate of Completion in just 9 weeks.

Nursing Assistant Training Program

During your 5 week training, you’ll learn how to care for patients, assist with charting and nutrition, take vital signs, long-term care, and more. 100 hours of externship training at a clinic facility will prepare you with the nursing skills needed to be successful in your new career.


Phlebotomy Technician

During the next 16 weeks, you’ll learn how to properly perform venipunctures and skin punctures along with how to properly label all specimens. You’ll also gain 40 hours of externship in a clinical setting better preparing you for your career.

veterinary assistant

Veterinary Assistant

In this program, you’ll learn about laboratory procedures, animal anatomy, diagnostic imaging, and more. You’ll be prepared for an entry-level position in an animal hospital, veterinary clinic, animal shelter, and laboratories. The duration of this program is 8 weeks and includes 100 hours of externship in a veterinary facility.

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