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Phlebotomy is a Key Role in Health Care

Phlebotomy is a Key Role in Health Care

Phlebotomy technicians play a major role in hospitals and clinical
laboratory procedures. Their main job function is to extract a patient’s
blood for laboratory purposes. Often, these professionals are present at
hospitals, clinics, diagnostic and blood banks.

Being a phlebotomy tech you must like a challenge and enjoy having plenty of responsibilities. Also, you must be able to pay close attention to
detail and be accurate as well as having great communication skills. Here
are a couple of reasons you may want to choose a career in phlebotomy.
The economy is getting smaller in most industries; however, the medical field is growing.

There are a few select industries including the medical field that is
immune to the economic downfall. Not to mention they are always looking to hire people in this field. There is a high need for trained professionals
to perform blood drawing, it is an important part of the medical field. The
procedure is mostly used for diagnosing the patient.

Interested yet? Come down to one of our 5 campuses at US colleges which are located in Riverside, San Diego, Montclair, Anaheim, and Van Nuys. You can be certified in just 16 weeks!

As a phlebotomy tech you would be the face of the medical lab. Our successful graduates go on to impress their employers with the skills they obtain through training at US Colleges.

You can be one of our successful graduates soon.

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