Faculty Feature: Meet Kari Alcoset, Career Services Specialist in Anaheim

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Faculty Feature: Meet Kari Alcoset, Career Services Specialist in Anaheim

“Faculty Feature: Meet Kari Alcoset, Career Service Specialist in Anaheim”

Our Faculty Feature at our Anaheim Campus is Kari Alcoset. She is the Career Services Specialist and works closely with students and graduates to help them prepare for a successful career.


What is your role here at the Anaheim campus?

I am the Career Services Specialist and am responsible for coaching students and graduates through the job search process such as: resume and cover letter preparation, job searching strategies, and interview techniques. I also cultivate partnerships with local employers to encourage them to hire our graduates.


What advice do you have for incoming students?

It’s never too early to start the job search process. Sending me their resume prior to finishing the program will allow for a faster, more streamlined transition into being a job seeker. Job searching can be a roller coaster so the better prepared you are before your search you increase your odds of getting call backs. Also, do not underestimate the power of networking.


If you were to take a program here, what would that be and why?

I would take the Phlebotomy course because I could get a job as a mobile phlebotomist to earn supplemental income.


In your opinion, what is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is seeing my graduates succeed and get a job in their field of study. I pride myself on the relationships I build with each student and I always remind them that I am in their corner. When they come up to me and tell me they got hired I cheer for them and it just makes my day.

What do you think you will remember most about your time here?

I will never forget the positive impact I was able to make in these students’ lives. They work so hard to get through the program and in the end, I am able to help them feel like it was worth the effort because they have the opportunity to potentially get a job they did it all for.

I will also never forget the staff specifically at my campus. I have never worked in a place with a culture like we have. There is no drama, and everybody actually cares about one another. I have had to deal with some of the most difficult personal situations in my life during my time here and I wouldn’t have been able to make it through the way I have if I worked somewhere full of office politics and issues.

Is there a particular co-worker you admire here? Why?

I admire my boss, Michelle Morales. Her brand of leadership is unparalleled to any kind of leadership I have ever experienced before. She has inspired me in both my personal and professional life. When I become a leader sometime in the future, I know I will model my leadership brand to be like hers.

What are some of the best places around the campus for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Karl Strauss is on the first floor of the building. There is a Del Taco at the end of Orangewood and State College Blvd. If you travel down Rampart to Chapman Ave. you will find various places to eat like Jack in the Box and I-Hop.