Dear U.S. Colleges Students,


I hope this note finds you in good health. I realize the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a very difficult period for all of you in the last several weeks. The uncertainty of the world around you must have created new anxieties and concerns about your friends, children, parents, family members, and significant others.


With all that you have to deal with, you still decided to stick to your objective of earning a college education so you could build a life you could be proud of! Truly, this is remarkable. Congratulations!


I am in awe of your passion, ambition, relentless spirit, and grit. You are truly extraordinary and I commend you for who you are and all that you do to change your lives. I admire YOU!


In the coming weeks, as news about the pandemic becomes more positive, we will be welcoming you back to campus!  Please know we are spending a lot of time planning for your return. Our objective is to be greater than we were in the past; you will recognize and appreciate the new positive changes. Also, please know that we are taking all precautionary steps to ensure your health and safety; for example, we will have special masks for all students, we will continue to honor physical distancing as well as many other steps to ensure a great learning experience for you.


We will keep you informed of return dates and times in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, please continue to persist and learn.


Thank you for your commitment to your success!



Dr. Fardad Fateri
President and Chief Executive Officer
International Education Corporation