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The Doctor’s Right Hand

The Doctor's Right Hand

Did you know that being a medical assistant makes you the doctor’s right hand? Who can work without both hands? No one! Not only does a medical assistant help the doctor with the clerical duties in the office but also they perform medical procedures such as prepping patients to see the doctor and for any procedures that need to be done. This saves the doctor’s much needed time in their daily schedule. Freeing up the doctor’s time will allow them to see more patients in a day.

Medical assistants perform regular clerical duties like scheduling, chart preparation, answering calls, making and collecting payments and insurance claims, and keeping patients charts updated. Some of the clinical duties they perform are taking vitals, administering meds, taking x-rays, and some even draw blood.

The duties can differ from one office to the next but not too much. The formal training you receive is sufficient enough for you to go to any work environment and thrive with excellence. US Colleges provide hands-on training for our students so that when they enter the work field they have already experienced what it will be like to work in an exciting new career field.

With the experience, you learn in this course you can move around the medical field. If you wanted to take a break from the clerical portion, you could qualify for an administrative position. The course training you receive allows you to be versatile in the medical field.

This is your perfect opportunity to be the doctor’s right hand!

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