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The Benefits of a Career in Phlebotomy

The Benefits of a Career in Phlebotomy

You can become a Phlebotomy technician at US College in just 16 weeks. There are some wonderful benefits of joining this career field.

Everyone is not cut out to be a Phlebotomy Technician so it’s important to know and understand the skill with confidence and pride. A Phlebotomy technician performs a very important role in the medical field. This line of work is very distinctive. The tech must be trustworthy and excellence. The distinctiveness of this career path is what makes it a major benefit.

Having a certification in phlebotomy is another benefit. Employers will know that you are well trained and have obtained all the necessary certifications to conduct your job properly. It shows employers you understand your skillset. Knowing and understanding your skillset will make you an asset to your employer.

Technology is always on your side in the phlebotomy field. The medical field is always advancing the medical equipment that is being used, such as making better-defined needles. Having technology keep up with the latest trends will speed up your workflow and precision as well as being sensitive to your patients needs, for example, better needles result in your patient not being able to feel a thing when you poke them. That is a major benefit for the technician and the patient.

The benefits listed above along with many others will help you in becoming a successful phlebotomy technician upon your graduation from our program at US College.

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