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Student Starts Dream Career Thanks Veterinary Assistant Program

Veterinary Assistant Program Student - U.S Colleges

At U.S. Colleges, we believe that every student can get the training and skills to create a new career path for herself. Darlene R., a recent Veterinary Assistant Graduate, is living proof of how far a commitment to success can take you!

It has long been Darlene’s wish to work for ShotVet®, a national company that provides affordable pet shots to dogs and cats across the country. With her certificate of completion from U.S. Colleges Riverside campus, she was more than ready to take on this exciting career, and was offered the position as soon as she graduated!

The Veterinary Assistant program prepares students to care for animals, support doctors, and technicians, and become a valuable part of the animal health care team. Students study anatomy, nursing & surgical assisting, diagnostic imaging, lab procedures, and care for exotic birds and pets (and more). The program also includes 100 hours of externship experience, giving students real-world experience in the field—a well-rounded education for an animal lover aspiring to work in the veterinary field!

We are so proud of Darlene for her commitment to pursuing her goals. It takes heart and discipline to remain focused and to excel in your desired field. We also want to recognize our Riverside faculty and staff for helping Darlene build a future of which she can be proud—and one that lets her cuddle puppies.

Is working with animals a dream of yours, too? If so, now’s the time to get started. The Veterinary Assistant program is now enrolling at U.S. Colleges Riverside campus!

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