Intangible Skills Employers Seek

Intangible Skills Employers Seek

Job seeking individuals need to be prepared to impress their future employers as early as the first meeting. The educational background and work experience of an individual is significantly important to an employer while considering a candidate; however, there are other very important skills that interviewers seek in their ideal candidate.

Most employers state that they look for significant skills in a job candidate besides qualifications and experience. These intangible skills give employers a strong look at the character and passion behind a person. Ultimately it tells the employer how a person works with others, how they are driven, and how they are going to work out at the company. There is no standard quantitative way to measure intangible skills as they are different for each person and how they are perceived.

Over a matter of years, certain intangible skills have earned significant importance in the eyes of interviewers. The employers consider these intangible skills to be a vital determination in the demeanor and attitude of a candidate, evaluating if they would be the perfect fit for the job vacancy.

All of these traits can be learned and they’re something our career services team members have years of industry experience teaching in. For individuals seeking to make a lasting impression on future employers, it is important to make these skills a high priority:


Candidates who portray a personality that showcases great adaptability skills are considered ideal by interviewers. The tendency to recognize the need to change and readily adapt with it, working smoothly throughout the transition is a trait and skill much employers seek, in the candidates of their choice. The highly unpredictable and constantly changing dynamics of the industry have prompted employers to seek out employees who can readily adapt to the changing environment.


Having leadership qualities illustrates the skill of an individual to successfully guide and take responsibility for various projects handled while on the job. Leadership is also about helping other employees learn and become more efficient. Being a leader is not always about having a higher title than someone, but rather it is about aiding in the professional advancement of individuals and the company as a whole.


A positive and “can do” attitude is vital for a job candidate as organizations wish to employ individuals who are motivated and ready to meet challenges with confidence. A positive outlook is also contagious and inspirational, which not only affects the person with a positive attitude but others around them.


With highly challenging and demanding work environments, multi-tasking skills serve to provide an edge to a job candidate over others. Being able to take on more and more work at the same time and most importantly being able to finish that work in an efficient manner is a strong quality to have. It shows others that you are efficient and can manage your time which stems over to all parts of work life.


In the current job environment where coordination and collaboration have become a necessity for effective communication among team members, being a contributing team player is a skill that adds value to a candidate. With the cross-functional teams gaining popularity in organizations, the importance of the intangible skill of being a team player. Knowing your role and doing your best every day in your particular position is encouraging to others at the company and allows the company to run more efficiently. Also being able to pitch in when others need help is a key quality to have in an employee.

Flexibility and Open-Mindedness

Exhibiting a readiness to learn new strategies and methods, along with meeting and coordinating with new people, are valuable traits in a candidate. Showing flexibility in adopting the latest techniques and being open-minded to recognize their importance is a skill that enables companies and individuals to grow as industry leaders and professionals.

The above intangible skills help employers evaluate an individual on how well these potential employees will fit with the company. Next time you are at a job interview or even at your current job now, try and exude these intangible skills. You and the boss will not be disappointed!

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