Duties of a Medical Transcription Professional

Duties of a Medical Transcription Professional

The Medical Transcription Profession is a fast-paced growing industry due to the rise in the number of aging adults. The entire health care industry is expected to increase in business over the next 10 years, which mean Medical Transcriptionist will be in more demand than they are right now.

A good medical transcriptionist has to learn and have a good knowledge of medical terminology. The ability to properly use correct grammar and be able to use correct punctuation are essential qualities that are needed to be a successful medical transcriptionist. Other great qualities to possess in order to fulfill the duties of a Medical Transcriptionist are good typing skills, computer literate, ability to follow written instruction, and be good at verifying numerical data. Good analytical skills are a must as well as being able to work well under pressure.

Having the above skills will allow you to perform the duties of a Medical Transcriptionist very well. There are many duties of Medical Transcriptionist such as:

  • Distributing finished transcripts and reports
  • Medical transcription log book maintenance
  • Collecting dictation tapes
  • Transcribing patient information
  • Transcribing patient medical record
  • Maintaining references for medical terminology and procedures

You may also share some of the clerical and administrative duties depending on what type of office you work in.

Your responsibility is to take dictated medical records from doctors or nurse practitioners in order to have paper or electronic records on file. Your duties are so important because accurate records are a necessity in order to provide excellent patient care. Fortunately, there are checks and balances in place to assure high-quality error-free work.

Although Medical Transcriptionist does not come in contact with patients, you are a very important part of the patient care process so therefore the MT will need to know and be aware of the laws regarding medical record documentation.

Employment of medical transcriptionists is expected to grow faster than the average for 2012-2013 which means it is a great time to start your new career as a Medical Transcriptionist Profession.

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