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Cool Jobs for Early Birds and Night Owls

Are you someone who is always up before the sun? Or are you someone who likes to be awake when the sun sleeps? No matter which one you are, there are jobs out there for early birds and night owls. While you may think that your sleeping patterns are odd, you are not alone. In fact, there are many others out there who are a part of the bird and owl club.

If you find yourself classified as an early bird, you would like to benefit from a job that starts early in the morning and ends in the mid-afternoon. This way, you can use your energy when you like being up and then you are able to wind down as the afternoon carries on.

On the other hand, if you find yourself to be a night owl, then you may want to find a position that allows you to work into the wee hours of the morning or even overnight. This way, you can be productive when you are usually awake and still sleep and get things done throughout the day.

No matter which one you are, there are multiple types of cool jobs out there for you to consider and below, you will learn more about some of them.


EMTs or emergency medical technicians work all hours of the day and night, so this is a perfect job for someone who is an early bird or a night owl. In fact, you will find that there are multiple shift options that you can easily work into your routine without much if any, disruption.

EMTs are responsible for providing on-site medical care to individuals who have been involved in accidents or medical emergencies. You will find that you are not alone with your shift choice either as other fellow employees will be similar to you or share your same sleep routines.


If you have always wanted to be in the healthcare sector, now is a great chance for you to be. Many healthcare careers cater to individuals who are both early birds and night owls. Since most hospitals work on a 12-hour shift schedule or a 3 8-hour shift schedule, you can find something that meets your needs. For example, you may find a shift that is from 6:45 am until 7:15 pm or you may find another shift from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Since the healthcare field is so large, there are many different titles you can hold while working. For instance, you can be a certified nursing assistant, a phlebotomist, and so much more. As we talked about the EMT above, you can also be an EMT in the hospital setting as well.


Think becoming an EMT sound great? So, do we! You can train to become an EMT in as few as 9 weeks and we offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We are committed to providing you with the hands-on training you need to be successful in your entry-level role. For early birds and night owls, becoming an EMT is a great choice and we are currently enrolling right now. Give a U.S. Colleges campus near you a call today to speak with an admissions team member about enrolling today!

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