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6 Benefits of Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician

Are you thinking about becoming a phlebotomy technician? If so, you are in the right place. When you think of the word phlebotomy, you may think about drawing someone’s blood, but this career is not just all about drawing blood. In fact, in your role, you will be responsible for comforting patients, taking their information and processing it, and collecting the blood samples, labeling them, and sending them off to the lab.

This career allows you to work in a variety of settings too from the mobile blood bank to plasma centers to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more. You will play a critical role in the healthcare field and patients along with doctors will rely on you.

As you do consider this career option, there are some benefits that come along with it and we will introduce you to what six of the best ones are.

Before we do that, if you’re interested in becoming a Phlebotomy Technician, consider enrolling in U.S College’s Phlebotomy Technician Program. The program is short-term and can be completed in just a few weeks!

In-Demand Career with a Short Training Program

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to become a phlebotomist is that you can enter the field quickly. The phlebotomy training program at U.S. Colleges can be completed in just 16 weeks. Once you graduate and receive your certificate of completion, you will find yourself in a career that is in demand.

Earn a Great Income for Yourself

Another wonderful benefit of becoming a phlebotomist is that you do not have to have an advanced degree to make a great income for yourself. Phlebotomists make, on average, $16.58 per hour or $34,480 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You Will Never Get Bored

One of the biggest concerns that many students have when choosing a vocational trade is that they do not want to get bored or find themselves regretting their decision to train in their career field. As a phlebotomist, you never have to worry about boredom setting in. You will be faced with a number of different situations per day and you will see tons of patients throughout the week. Listening to their different stories and learning more about them will keep you on your toes.

You Have Flexibility

Once you are certified as a phlebotomist, you will have a lot of flexibility. In addition, you will find that there are a variety of settings you can work in and several work shifts you can choose from.

You Have Job

You will never have to worry about your job going out of style. There will ALWAYS be a need for skilled professionals to draw blood and process blood samples. Once you are trained and certified as a phlebotomist, you will enjoy knowing that there will be work for you to perform.

You, Will, Make an Impact on Your Patients’ Lives

Your role as a phlebotomist allows you to work with healthcare professionals and patients at the same time. You play an integral role because patients come to you to have bloodwork performed or other tests so that they can make important decisions about their lives and health.

As a phlebotomist, you are potentially saving someone’s life by properly taking their blood and making sure it gets to the lab. In addition, you may be taking blood donations, which will be used in a blood transfusion or other procedure to save a life.

While you may not be thanked by the individuals who receive the blood you drew, you will know that you are doing a good thing and making an impact.

Train to Become a Phlebotomy Technician Today 

Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician is easy when you choose U.S. College’s Phlebotomy Training Program. Our program is just 16 weeks long and will teach you all the hands-on skills you need to be successful in your entry-level role. Classes are offered on an ongoing basis and we have options such as morning, afternoon and evening classes. To learn more about our program, please reach out to one of our U.S. Colleges advisors today!

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