Graduates of U.S. Colleges Take Healthcare Expertise to Covid-19 Front Lines

Graduates of U.S. Colleges Take Healthcare Expertise to Covid-19 Front Lines - U.S Colleges

The U.S. Colleges San Diego Allied Health Campus supports its students’ enthusiastic and inspired goals. The aspiration to provide necessary health care has never been more vital than it is right now. Since the onset of Covid-19, health care resources have been under tremendous strain. But our graduates are using their skills and education to heroically meet this critical need.

From U.S. Colleges San Diego to Scripps

Giovanni R. graduated from U.S. Colleges San Diego campus in 2014. Like the rest of us, Giovanni likely never imagined living through a global pandemic. But as he puts it, Giovanni has “come a long way” since graduating from U.S. Colleges San Diego campus.

“Even with the constant change during the Covid-19 pandemic, I couldn’t be more blessed,” Giovanni says. He goes on to add, “I am not only able to treat patients, but also feel good that I helped better someone’s health.” Giovanni is now employed at Scripps Hospital.

U.S. Colleges Graduate Testing for Covid-19 Antibodies

Another story from the front lines comes to us courtesy of Kelsey S., a U.S. Colleges San Diego graduate. Impressively, Kelsey is testing on the front lines for Covid-19 antibodies. Through her work with the San Diego Blood Bank, Kelsey has put her training and education to use in a way that’s both rewarding and fulfilling.

“The experience has been awesome and different every single day,” Kelsey says of her work with the blood bank. She adds, “I wouldn’t have been so skilled without U.S. Colleges teaching me.”

To learn more about Covid-19 antibodies testing visit:

Healthcare Meets The Moment With Virtual Visits

Healthcare workers are rising to meet the unique challenges of Covid-19. Our heroic graduates are proud to report back from the front lines where they’re putting their skills and expertise to invaluable use. Karin I., 2018 U.S. Colleges San Diego graduate, says she loves her new job at a private practice office in Hillcrest.

“I currently work as a medical assistant/phlebotomist,” she reports. “We still see patients for blood draws and are doing telehealth for doctor’s appointments.”

U.S. Colleges San Diego Allied Health Campus Paves the Way

While their stories are uniquely remarkable, Giovanni, Kelsey and Karin all have one thing in common: they graduated from U.S. Colleges San Diego. During their time at the Allied Health campus, our students have access to one-on-one admissions team members and a career services team.

With small classes, thoughtful support, and one-on-one guidance, U.S. Colleges helps you prepare for a brighter future and a more satisfying employment experience. When your drive meets with the nurturing education U.S. Colleges provides, your true potential is realized and the possibilities are wide open.

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