Allied Health Careers In Demand

Allied Health Careers In Demand

U.S. Colleges careers refer to a cluster of professions and other various jobs related to the healthcare field. With the advancement of technology and new medical procedures, the number of professions and occupations has grown exponentially. Not only have these jobs grown but they range from working in the dental, pharmacy, hospital, office, and lab settings. The healthcare industry is flourishing and it’s no secret that this industry provides job opportunities with great pay. Pursuing a career in this industry not only makes for a stable career but also a very rewarding career.

Today, we are focusing on 10 Allied Health Careers that are in high demand and can be attained by pursuing a career college education.

  1. Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA)
  2. Chiropractor Assistant (CMA Career Outcome)
  3. Doctor’s Assistant (CMA Career Outcome)
  4. Phlebotomist (PRT)
  5. Medical Lab Assistant (PRT Career Outcome)
  6. Lab Specimen Processor (PRT Career Outcome)
  7. Acessioner (PRT Career Outcome)
  8. Emergency Medical Technician
  9. Nursing Assistant
  10. Veterinary Technician 1

Depending on your location, these careers offer starting pay ranges around $40k and up! From there you have plenty of room to work yourself up. Being able to garner experience is very important especially if you want to go back to school and pursue a higher education career in Allied Health. Just because you start as a medical assistant does not mean you can’t go back to school and become a nurse for example.

The demand for these professionals is always high. Furthermore, being a highly qualified and experienced allied health professional puts you in even higher demand. Being the best in your field does not come overnight – it is not unusual to work multiple years before you are able and experienced enough to take on a higher role. This is not because you are bad at what you do, but it’s because that being able to be successful as an allied health professional takes on the job experience – something you can’t learn out of a textbook. That is the benefit of going to a career-focused college like U.S. Colleges. They provide real-life training and help place you in externships/internships before ever receiving a certification. Having this leg up on the competition is important as you become your own expert in your Allied Health Profession.

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