Perseverance: The Ability To Keep Going In The Face Of Adversity

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Perseverance is the art of being determined and consistently trying to achieve your desired goals, no matter the difficulties or adversity one faces. A number of great personalities have weathered all sorts of adversities and problems in life and have emerged victorious from the battle of life. Life is about change, which can be good or bad, and trying to adapt yourself to the circumstances in your current situation while working towards your desired goal can be tough. Perseverance allows you to attain your goals no matter your circumstances!

Perseverance- Key To Desired Success

If you stick with your ideals and continuously strive hard to achieve your goals, then success is sure to be the end result of all the effort. Perseverance is the key which ensures the achievement of lifelong goals of an individual. Through perseverance, an individual gets to learn about their own strengths and innate capabilities of which they may be completely unaware.

Means Of Discovering Yourself

Many great individuals have come to realize an ability or a strength within themselves only when they were required to employ it to deal with a challenging situation in life. Adversities tend to bring out the best in people. In trying circumstances, through perseverance, many people serve as towers of strength for other individuals who require support and assistance during the difficult times, thus exposing their hidden talents and capabilities.

Becoming Stronger In The Process

According to Confucius,

“The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials.”

While going through the process of dealing with adverse circumstances in life is very trying and exhausting, it tends to make one stronger and gradually able to weather all kinds of challenges that life throws in the way. People who persevere for their cause not only become tough in the process, but also provide much needed support and guidance to other less experienced individuals, thereby becoming leaders in their own way.

Adversity- An Opportunity In Disguise?

Adversity might prove to be an opportunity in disguise, as it prepares individuals for the reality of life. By persevering, individuals showcase a strength of character and a valuable trait, which is rare and therefore very precious.

According to Einstein, “In the middle of adversity lies opportunity”, and we could definitely add that you need strength of character and perseverance to stick to your ideals and handle every challenge that life throws your way. An individual who exhibits perseverance throughout life and relentlessly deals with all the adversities and hardships that life has to offer, ultimately becomes the true embodiment of a complete person.