Advanced Medical Coder

Add Advanced Medical Coding Certification to your Skills

Earn More & Get Ahead in the Fastest-Growing Career in Health Care

The Advanced Medical Coding Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass a national certification exam as a CPC (Certified Professional Coder) or CCS (Certified Coding Specialist). All phases of CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS are emphasized along with the new ICD-10 and hospital coding procedures.

The Confidence to Advance Your Medical Billing/Coding Career
Successful graduates of this course approach the National Certification Examination with confidence, knowing the skills and experience they’ve gained at U.S. Colleges has fully prepared them for the certification. You’ll be proud when you add CPC or CCS to your resume and are able to earn more as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional.

Medical Coding Professionals are In Demand According to the U.S. Career Institute, the Health Care field is growing faster than any industry. And no area of Health Care is growing as fast or as much as Medical Billing and Coding. In fact, with medical advances, and specialist treatments along with complex insurance regulations, the need for professional Medical Coders is way ahead of the number of people available to fill the positions. With high-level certifications like Advanced Medical Coder you’ll be in particularly high-demand for your skills and expertise!


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