Why US Colleges

  • Short Programs: Become a Successful Professional in the Shortest Time Possible

    U.S. Colleges programs are designed for individuals interested in gaining the necessary skills to get ahead in a professional career. Our programs are focused and custom tailored to make you career-ready in the shortest time possible.

  • Flexible Class Schedules: Choose the Program that Works Best for You

    At U.S. Colleges we know that being able to juggle your day-to-day responsibilities will help you to become a successful student, so we provide morning, afternoon and evening classes for most of our courses.

  • Outstanding Career Placement Assistance

    Transitioning from being a student to becoming a working professional requires more than just a good education, which is why U.S. Colleges offers “Career Placement Assistance.” Our dedicated Job Placement professionals will work with you on your resume and job-searching materials, assist you in finding job leads, and help you set up and prepare for interviews. Our success is a working graduate – You!

  • Experienced Instructors

    You’ll make a smooth transition from school to employment when you receive training from our experienced instructors. Our instructors know what it’s like to work in the industry – because they do. You’ll benefit from your instructors’ first-hand experience and get the skills you need to be relevant in today’s market.

  • Plenty of Practical, Hands-On Training

    Whatever program you ultimately choose, you’ll adapt quickly from study to practical application in your new career after your hands-on learning in labs, Internships and Externships. You’ll be confident entering your new career knowing you have the practical skills and experience you need.

  • Financing Your Education

    It’s important to us that you’re able to focus on your training and career goals without the added burden of financial worries. We offer institutional loans and payment plans. Additional options may be available for those who qualify as economically disadvantaged, displaced workers, or injured workers. Persons qualifying under these options may have the courses provided to them at no cost through funds provided by the Workforce Investment Act (a Federally funded program) or through vocational rehabilitation Workers Compensation funds. Please contact us and a knowledgeable representative can help you discover what options you may qualify for and help you develop a plan to make your career goals a reality.

  • Equal Opportunity

    U.S. Colleges is dedicated to the education and furtherance of an individual’s career goals. The school strongly holds a foundation belief to provide equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, or disability.

  • Multiple Locations

    At U.S. Colleges we offer 5 convenient locations so you can choose the campus that works best for you.

  • Over 20 Years in the Industry

    U.S. Colleges has been preparing individuals for new, professional careers since 1996. Employers will recognize and trust the US Colleges name on your resume.