How to Apply

Applying is Easy as 1, 2, 3

If you’re ready to start the journey toward your new, professional career, the best way to apply is to come in and meet with a friendly and knowledgeable U.S. Colleges Career Advisor. We will answer any questions you have and help you with any necessary paper work, including loan applications. We will refer you to various regional locations to assist you in securing government funding when applicable.


Choose a Career Path

There are many career paths to choose from at U.S. Colleges. The first step toward starting a new career is to choose one!


Fill out the Form or Call

So you’ve decided you would like to pursue a career in health care or business. It’s time to give us a call or fill out the simple form on the right side of the page. A qualified representative will give you a call and answer all of your questions.


Meet with one of our Career Advisors

This is a fun step to take. Take a tour of your campus, learn about what sort of financial programs you might be approved for, and explain your goals to one of our career counselors.


Take the Next Step

To book your appointment with a U.S. Colleges Career Advisor, call (888) 388-7568 today. You can tour our state-of-the-art Career Training facilities and see for yourself just what your new, professional career will be like. There’s no obligation when you visit the school. Come in and see if a professional career in Business or Health Care is right for you.