Medical Biller


Launch a Successful Career as a Medical Billing Specialist

Contribute to the Health Wellness of
Your Community from a Comfortable Office Setting


High Demand for New Medical Biller

According to the U.S. Career Institute, the Health Care field is growing faster than any industry. And no area of Health Care is growing as fast or as much as Medical Billing and Coding. In fact, with medical advances, and specialist treatments along with complex insurance regulations, the need for specialist of Medical Biller is way ahead of the number of people available to fill the positions. That means that with proper training and certification in Medical Billing from a respected career training center like U.S. Colleges, you’ll be in-demand!

Contribute to the Health & Wellness of Your Community

Billing and Coding services can be just as important to a patient’s care as physical treatment. Your properly maintained records will affect the care and insurance coverage a patient receives. As a Medical Billing Specialist you may work in a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital or other treatment facility. With experience you can even work from your home. You’ll be your own boss! Fit your career around your family and other commitments.


Externships are available.
Employers will be impressed when you graduate with on-the-job experience. You’ll make a smooth transition from training into the professional workplace as specialist after gaining practical work experience. And an Externship on your resume gives you a leg up on the job hunting competition.You may even be hired by your Externship employer and have a job waiting for you when you graduate!