Take the first step in changing your life by choosing an exciting career at U.S. Colleges.

Many of our courses can be completed in a few months: Choose an exciting career in Healthcare, including Phlebotomy training and certification, sports medicine technologist,  medical office administration and more; or maybe you’d like skills in Business – Office Specialist training or Accounting; or maybe become a licensed Private Investigator!

Our convenient campus locations in Riverside, San Diego, Montclair, San Marcos, and Anaheim will make it possible to get the skills you need to succeed.

U.S Colleges will be with you every step of the way. Get Started Today!

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Whatever program you ultimately choose, you’ll adapt quickly from study to practical application in your new career after your hands-on learning in labs, Internships, and Externships.  Our Career College is highly motivated to find you job placement and we have externship programs with Kaiser to get you those necessary on the job skills.

Career training programs like phlebotomy, or sports medicine, can be completed quickly at a low cost and have you ready to find a job.  With training schools in Riverside, Anaheim, Montclair, San Marcos and San Diego we can get your trained today in Southern California.

You’ll feel successful when you’re working a professional career, and earning well, in just 8-16 weeks!

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Transitioning from being a student to becoming a working professional requires more than just a good education, which is why we offer Career Placement Assistance.

Take a tour of the campus, learn about the financial aide programs we have available, and talk to one of our career counselors.  There is no reason to pay more for an education to get the same skills and training you will get at U.S. Colleges.

Whether you are looking for Phlebotomy, medical assistant training, or even Microsoft office certification. Our success is a working graduate – You!

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Call (855) 554-5040 today to take the next step and book your appointment with a U.S. Colleges Career Advisor. You can tour our state-of-the-art Career Training facilities and see for yourself just what your new, professional career will be like. There’s no obligation when you visit the school.

If you want to come to a school where you get the skills you need quickly at a low cost, and enter the workplace prepared and ready to make a quality income then come in and see it all for yourself.  There is no reason to over-pay for these courses and spend years in school.

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