Instructor Highlight: Q&A with Saharah Gardner, Phlebotomy Instructor

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Instructor Highlight: Q&A with Saharah Gardner, Phlebotomy Instructor

Our instructors are the face of our U.S. Colleges campuses. Saharah is a Phlebotomy Instructor for the Certified Phlebotomy Technician I Program at our campus in Montclair. She works with her students educating, teaching, and providing hands-on experience to help them build a successful future. Saharah talks about working at U.S. Colleges and how she strives to make an impact on her students.


Can you briefly describe what you teach in your class?

I teach students proper venipuncture and dermal puncture techniques, safety, specimen processing, special collections, patient preparation, customer service, and national exam requirements.


How did you get started into this career field?

I started from the bottom doing front desk, entering patient requisition and doctor orders into the computer system, and worked my way up. I then moved up to specimen processing and then phlebotomy. I have worked in several different types of environments from slow to fat pace, clinic, lab, and hospital.  After I mastered phlebotomy I wanted to help others become successful in the medical field and started teaching. I think this experience helps students have a clear understanding of adapting to whichever company they choose to work for.


What is the one thing you wish every student knew before starting this program?

I wish every student knew, and more importantly, understood that this is a fast and short program. It doesn’t matter which walk of life they come from or how fast or slow they learn. U.S. Colleges has plenty of student resources to succeed. Sometimes we just have to reiterate that.


What is your best piece of advice to help graduates succeed in this field?

My best piece of advice is that you have to start somewhere. If the fist job you get is not exactly where you see yourself, take what you learned and at the very least get the experience. Your future self will thank you later. I know I did!

What is your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about my job is the moment they walk out of the NHA room with a smile. That sense of gratification is everything.


What are some of your favorite local businesses around the campus?

Most definitely the sushi restaurant next door!


What do you think makes U.S. Colleges stand out from other schools?        

Since I have started at U.S. Colleges I have learned so much. As a former phlebotomy student, I didn’t realize all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. It gave me a sense of unconditional respect for each department and all the time and effort we all put into making this a great school. From being a student at a different phlebotomy school and teaching at two different schools, I have to say U.S. Colleges definitely has the best success path for students.