Instructor Highlight: Q&A with Corina Lopez, Clinical Medical Assistant Instructor

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Instructor Highlight: Q&A with Corina Lopez, Clinical Medical Assistant Instructor

Our instructors are the face of our U.S. Colleges campuses. They interact daily with our students – educating, teaching, and providing hands-on experience to help them build a successful future. Corina is an instructor for the Clinical Medical Assistant Program at U.S. Colleges in Anaheim. She is a valuable member of our faculty and has been helping students gain the necessary skills to get ahead in their career.

Can you briefly describe what you teach in your class?

I’m currently teaching clinical medical assisting aspects, for example, Infection Control Standard and universal precautions handling and assisting patients with terminal illness.

How did you get started into this career field?

I’ve been a medical assistant since 2003, I’ve worked in a variety of medical office settings I transition into an educator because I wanted to share my knowledge and passion. I graduated from Bryman College in Anaheim 2003, obtain my first job for Dr. Joseph Nassir as front and back office MA then went on to receive my phlebotomy cert in 2005 then formwork in urgent care setting as a clinical medical assistant this where learned so much and worked along great physicians and nurses then I knew I wanted to become an MA Instructor and I been teaching since 2010 and never looked back. I love to teach and watch my students grow.

What is the one thing you wish every student knew before starting this program?

One thing I want them to know is they will need to sacrifice some time for studying but in at the end the program it will be worth it! And never give up!

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Watching students engage in lecture and participate in their hands-on practices.

What do you think makes U.S. Colleges stand out from other schools?

At U.S. Colleges, we care about our students’ future and help them get to where they need to go

with the proper education and hands-on practices.