Front Desk Receptionist

Front Desk Receptionist – Showing the Real Face of Business!

Often the role of a front desk receptionist seems to be important enough for any business format. It’s the work of front desk receptionist to interact with the customers coming in for the business premise.

Apart from these schedules, a front desk receptionist needs to accomplish few other tasks that are always important from business point of view. Often the front desk receptionist will come across the customers for the first time. He or she is the person who often bears and exhibits the real ethics of the concerned business. For the first time when the customer will come across front desk receptionist, he will come to know about the real attitude of the business. You can say that the front desk receptionist can show the real face of any business. But the front desk receptionist is not the person who exactly greets visitors but also he can offer the first voice to the customers and can generate the first impression for any business. In business first impression is the last one. So, having a quality front desk receptionist for your business can surely enhance the business reputation before potential customers and that would allow you to keep the business process flowing all the times.

The second possible solution that involves laying office space such as ‘community’ space.

Also, imagine having group of employees working at X6 and X10 workstations in wide open space and where your clients will walk right in & immediately feel vibe of the work force hard in work. There will be 1 or 2 key receptionist such as persons happens to work to front entrance. Also, they can formally and informally welcome the visitor as well as help to direct them to appropriate personnel. This community space can be effective for the open door culture of the information sharing & fast interaction.

Bottom line is, there actually is not the need for front desk receptionist to sit in modern front desk for the small companies with the limited foot traffic. Expense along is good deterrent for small businesses. In addition to, reduced overhead, multi tasked employee with occasional reception desk duty can be great breath of the fresh air for people keen to break out of same old routine. Also, add incentives such as sporting tickets for people who volunteer once in a week to the multi-task as receptionist and waiting list can fast grow for new job opportunity.