Computerized Office & Accounting Specialist


It All Adds up to a Great Career

Succeed in a Professional Career as an
Experienced Computerized Office & Accounting Specialist


If you’re interested in business, have a keen eye for detail and are looking for a stable, professional career where you can earn good money, a career as a Computerized Office & Accounting Specialist could be perfect for you.

Training in Office Skills and Accounting can help you fast-track into a great career in business. Successful businesses rely on skilled bookkeeping. With a Certificate of Completion as an Office & Accounting Specialist you’ll be a valued member of any organization. A strong background and training in office procedures and accounting will make you highly marketable and attractive to top employers. You can complete the Computerized Office & Accounting Specialist program from U.S. Colleges in less than 3 months!

Successful Graduates of this program have gone on to positions in a wide variety of office settings, payroll companies, and accounting firms.

Accounting is Everywhere

Absolutely every industry needs Accounting. With aptitude in Accounting and Bookkeeping, you’ll have the transferable skills to move smoothly from one area to another. Whatever your interest, be it fashion, music, sports, sales, or anything else, you can apply your knowledge of accounting to work in that field.